5-6 March 2018
Kyoto University Science Seminar House
Japan timezone
Registration is open until January 31st, 2018

Scientific Programme

The conference will summarize advances made in the field of neutrino physics from not only within the Neutrino Science Frontier project itself, but also from the community as a whole. Representatives of each of working group will discuss progress over the last five years and experts external to the project will cover the status of the field at large.

The scientific program includes presentations on each of the following working groups:

  • Accelerator neutrinos
  • Reactor neutrinos
  • Atmospheric neutrinos
  • Astrophysical neutrinos


  • Ultra-high resolution detector technologies
  • Super conducting ultraviolet detector technologies
  • Three dimensional imaging detectors


  • Particle physics theory
  • Nuclear physics theory
  • Astro particle theory

Additionally, five talks summarizing recent progress in these fields are planned:

  • Cosmology and Neutrinos
  • Experimental Progress in Neutrinos
  • Theoretical Progress in Neutrinos
  • Progress in Astrophysical Neutrinos
  • Future Research Projects with Neutrinos and GUTs
The workshop will include a poster session and discussion session.