12-13 February 2017
Asia/Tokyo timezone



    Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Supernova SN1987A



On February 23, 1987, the KAMIOKANDE and IMB detectors recorded a pulse of neutrinos emitted by SN1987A. This historic event was the first detection of neutrinos from outside of our solar system. Since then, many underground detectors have been constructed and they are waiting for the next supernova detection. We have planned a celebration of the 30th Anniversary of SN1987A as follows:

Date and time: February 12th, 2017   19:00 - 21:00
Place: Capo PELLICANO Hongo
     Hongo Campus, Univ. of Tokyo
     13th floor of building 50 (Faculty of Medicine Experimental Reserch Bldg.) in
Participation fee: 5,000 yen (only cash)

This celebration will also serve as the banquet of the "Workshop on Supernova at Hyper-Kamiokande", which will be held at Koshiba Hall, University of Tokyo from 9:00 on the same day. Please attend this workshop as well. You can find details of the workshop at

If you plan to attend both the workshop and the celebration, please register at
by January 27th.
If you plan to attend only the celebration, please send mail to
(please change _atmark_ )
the organizer your name and affiliation by January 27th.

Best Regards,
[Originators] M.Nakahata, T.Kajita, H.Sobel, J.Stone
[Cooperators] Y.Koshio, I.Shimizu, Y.Suwa, Y.Takeuchi, M.Yokoyama (LOC of the workshop)